Iron Hack Miami - a UX Workshop

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I attended a UX Designer Experience workshop put hosted by Iron Hack Miami. It was a pretty cool event highlighting what User Experience is, how it's done, and how to execute it ethically. It was interesting and I received a ton of knowledge from speakers such as  Milan De Vito, VP of Experience and Design for Wrecking Ball Studios and Marcelo Paiva, Senior Product Designer Ultimate Software. 

Here are some user experience design pro tips that I picked up:

  • Set design rules and guidelines early, grids, type, colors, elements, etc.
  • Skip ahead to hi-fidelity comps with real content (context)
  • Critical choices: give clients “what they want” vs “what they need”
  • Never lose sight of good; defend your choices
  • Become a brand ambassador for the brand
  • Be mindful of developers
  • Be quick and adaptable
  • Math is your ally  (scalability and predictability)
  • Practice with deconstructing and reconstructing existing interfaces
  • What will the experiences of the future be like?

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