Friends & Fellowship


Last year, I made one of the best decisions in my life and joined a bible study group at church. I think for years I thought, what kick could I get out of going to a dark room with girls and singing songs? Yikes, I was loud and WRONG. One of the most important aspects of your faith is fellowship. Being able to be around like-minded people is extremely important. Especially as a young, Christian woman in a city like Miami where you feel like you have no outlet. At the time, I was going through a very sad and dark space in my life, but I am one of those people who grew up in a Christian home and I always know that there is someone who is bigger and better than me and had a plan for me. I just needed to see it for myself. I have grown closer to God and this huge step of faith has turned into many blessings and friendships. The power of prayer is real.

Now, I joined a sorority in college and I do think of myself as a girl's girl, but I do agree that being in a room with a bunch of women can be intimidating and something most of us shy away from. Again, loud and wrong. Do you see a lowkey trend here? Baha. It has provided friendship, love, prayer and many many laughs. We talk about family, love, life, work, and how we can navigate all of these aspects of our lives and bring us closer to God.

If you're interested in joining a small group, please contact me and come along! I joined with Christ Fellowship Miami and you can too!