Kundalini Yoga - A Game Changer


Kundalini yoga is an ancient science of the spirit, a technology that helps us maintain spiritual, mental and physical well being. The word kundalini means “A lock of the hair of the beloved”, which translates into “awareness”.  Many spiritual traditions use the word kundalini because we know that this energy needs to be released in order for us to progress spiritually.  Kundalini energy lives at the base of your spine and travels up the spine as you activate it.  Think of this energy as the blueprint of your soul’s journey.  It’s what will give you the deep experience of your true self.  Everyone has kundalini energy and it’s always there for you.  All you have to do is tap into it – by coming to a kundalini yoga class for example!

Kundalini yoga has a reputation for being very fast and powerful because it teaches from all 8 limbs of yoga.  A kundalini yoga class will start off usually with the teacher giving a talk or lesson before you get to the physical practice.  Every class will include doing asanas (physical postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), mudras (or hand and arms positions), mantras (chanting), and focusing on a certain eye gaze or (dhristie).  Every class ends with a formal meditation practice, which is when you can experience the last four limbs of yoga.

For a long time, kundalini yoga was a secret practice accessible onto to those born into the right caste (class) system.  Yogi Bhajan changed that in 1969 when he brought kundalini yoga to North America.  He said that the way in which it had traditionally been taught was belonged to an old way of thinking, and that the kundalini yoga technology was about to become desperately needed in the West.  He talked in great detail about about the extreme difficulties of the age we would be entering (the “Aquarian Age”) because of the vast amount of information and technology accessible to us.  Many people would become addicted to fast paced lives and we would enter a time of “cold depression”.  By this he meant that people would become disconnected to their souls — people becoming “doers” and not know how to feel anymore.  The technology of kundalini yoga is a tool to help people reconnect to themselves and the universe.  This is certainly what kundalini has done for me personally and for many women who come to my classes.

I take my classes at Corpo Yoga Studio at Downtown Dadeland with Marlene. It is an experience experience and I urge you to try it!