Dating With Dignity: The Single Woman's Guide to Maintaining His Standards

So proud to share the works of a gifted and wise Miami native, Cesly Burgess, who is the author of "Dating with Dignity: The Single Woman's Guide to Maintaining His Standards". There aren't many books out there like this and it's refreshing to see someone who shares experience on dating in this day and age all the while trying to uphold the standards of a Proverbs woman. Whatever your religion may be, this is a great read and I encourage all my ladies to enjoy! Order Here!

This book was written for a particular woman. She's articulate, adventurous, uncommon, a little quirky (in a good way), and at the same time simply amazing. She's a visionary, successful, determined to be her best self, a true goal-getter and knows how to strategize her life in the perfect way to achieve her dream results. She's phenomenal and has confidence in every area of her life, except for one: love.

No matter how many times she does the math, she can't calculate why she's still single. Before you judge her, know that she's done her best to put it in God’s hands,  time and time again. She's been praying for her soulmate, yet she continually finds herself dating guys who are either the furthest thing from what she wholeheartedly desires or an endless string of counterfeits. Yep, she's over it, but the greatest question is, is "she" you?

This book is for her - this book is for that woman. And while I call her a "rare breed," God calls her "daughter." He put this entire book in the heart of this Certified Life Coach – for you. He sees your frustration and He hears your pain. No more dating and being frustrated with the outcome. After this book, you will see relationships from a new perspective. You'll see yourself in a new light. Your dating life will truly never be the same, because from here on out you will be unapologetically Dating with Dignity.