What's Your Love Language?

Relationships are one big game of give and take, compromise, communication and twists, and turns. Often times people have no idea how to navigate their relationships or what makes them happy in a relationship. We don't really know how to navigate through our feelings. I am not ashamed to say I have been there myself. I've been in relationships, where I'm not happy and I'm not always 100% sure why. Is this guy a hot mess? Is he not filling my love tank? S/O to Vicki Gunvalson from RHOC. Am I not getting enough love? Am I the hot mess? I mean, come on, we've ALL been there. 

Then, one day, when I was in the most single place of my life, I came across an article about the "5 Love Languages". At the time I wasn't dating so I figured, why not give it a shot? I was simultaneously surprised and not surprised at the results.

So, what are the 5 Love Languages, you say? Gary Chapman quite literally wrote the book in 1995 to help people find their love language and how to communicate in all of their relationships. Do you ever wonder why some people in your life respond better to hugs? And then you have those who don't want to be touched, but appreciate when you bring them a thoughtful gift? Well, the idea behind "The 5 Love Languages" is everyone communicates their love and feel differently. The more knowledge you have of what your love language is and others, it will help us give and receive love in all of our close relationships. The great thing is this quiz not only applies to romantic relationships, but with anyone in your life including family and friends.

It's a pretty simple breakdown of each language:

Words of Affirmation: Hearing that you are loved, appreciated, etc. and being told why.

Physical Touch: Receiving a hug, holding hands down the street, or cuddling together on the couch.

Quality Time: Doing activities together with the phone down, really being present.

Gifts: Showing thoughtfulness and effort by gifting items, however big or small.

Acts of Service: Vacuuming the floors so the other person won’t have to.

Once I took this online quiz to find out my love language, EVERYTHING STARTED TO MAKE SENSE. I'm telling y'all, the Internet really is a fabulous place. It just made sense why I am the way I am my relationships. So, of course, I sent the link to my close friends and told them about this game changer. A few had even done the quiz with their romantic partners and found that it helped them navigate their relationships better than before because they understood what their partner needed and, more importantly, what they needed to feel loved. I can honestly say it has helped me to understand people better and helped my close relationships today.

There isn't a language that's greater than the other. Everyone is different and if your languages aren't the same as someone close to you, it's okay. It just helps you understand them better. Funnily enough, some people have found that taking this quiz ever so often, their results have varied. It happens! As we grow and evolve, our love styles can change as well. 

I encourage all of you to take the online quiz and really take it in. Also, send it to people close in your life and, hopefully, watch your relationships flourish and grow in a way where you can successfully give and receive love.

Take the quiz here! I would love to hear about your results and if you were surprised by them and how it has changed your view on love in your life. Comment Below!



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