Get On My Level


They say people in your life are seasons. (S/O to Yeezy). I've heard this phrase most of my life and although it has applied to both friendships and relationships, as you get older, it really hits you and has a more profound meaning. People in your life are seasons because, yes, you outgrow them or vice versa. However, the deeper significance behind the change, is a shift in one person's soul frequency or to make matters simpler, their energy. Quite frankly, in the nicest way, you just aren't on the same level anymore.

At first you think, it's arrogant to think that about yourself, if you are the person who has shifted, but once you realize that's the reality of the situation, the quicker you can continue to move forward in this life with an intent of truly connecting within and those close to you.

Soul frequency can be considered many different things. It could be the way you see other people. It could be the way you look at yourself and your purpose. It truly is your connection to the divine, your connection with the world and those around you. In my opinion, it really is how you understand various areas of your life such as self, money, health, love, family, etc. When you have a greater understanding of all of these aspects of who you are, you are connected to your life's journey and ultimately, your purpose and with that, living a life of joy, love, peace and happiness. 

"Each time we think, we vibrate, this vibration creates a cluster of vibrations. All like thoughts create a cluster of each like vibrations, which then create a specific frequency, e.g. Despair, Anger, Vengeance, Boredom, Zeal, Zest, Joy and Happiness etc."

Some people, unfortunately, don't have a high soul frequency and don't truly live life. They don't know the meaning of life, they don't have a purpose and they are simply just living. There is a difference. Huge difference. So think about how this applies to your life and current and past situations.

For example, you might be or have been in a relationship that, at first, seems to be the best thing you for you. This person might speak your love language, gives you all the love in the world and you think, this is it, this person is for me. Then, something shifts. The next thing you know, you're arguing with this person, not being able to see eye to eye and you don't understand why. You can't seem to grasp where this is coming from. This person is wonderful, they love me, I love them, what is going on? Well, there could be many reasons behind this, but often times, one person's soul frequency develops. It's life changing and it isn't something that you can take back -- you're growing and changing.

Often times, people don't realize what is going on, but then it hits you, you might love the hell out of the person you're with, but you're growing and changing and connection between the both of you starts to dismantle.  It's the same with friendships or even family members. You start to see everything differently. 

We humans exist in a state of vibrational code unique to each person. People who emit a similar vibe are tuned in on the same Frequency Node, hence attracted to each other and a friendship can easily be formed. You cannot resonate with someone else who has a fundamentally incompatible vibrational energy because you will be far apart on the Chart of Energy Waves.

It makes sense though, doesn't it? All of a sudden you're in a relationship or friendship and you feel like you're pulling the weight of the person and the union between the both of you. That's what this does. It's a shift in life and can be caused by experiences or situations. It changes you and that's okay. 

Although this happens, sometimes the other person can change. Sometimes they can increase their soul frequency and things can work and you can be on "the same level" and walk in sync. Again, it can take traumatic events or great life transitions, but it can happen. However, they must do it for themselves, not for you.

Now the good thing is that you can activate and heighten your soul frequency and in layman's terms, "get on my level" (S/O to Lil' Jon). There are so many opportunities out there! You just have to find them and use your resources! Yoga, meditation, journaling, and so many other resources have been my go to. But there are so many other options. Different stroke for different folks, ya feel me? Now, I know that you might think, eh, I'm okay. I'm happy. But are you really, though? Couldn't we all use a little fine tuning? Couldn't we all "polish up"  and be the best versions of our true self? Get rid of the negative and truly be connected to our purpose and the depths of our soul? That's what I thought. 

Either way, life is truly about being the best version of yourself and being connected to the divine. If you find someone who connects the same way as you, then you are one of the lucky ones. Finding a person, whether it be a friend or lover who matches that level of energy awareness and soul frequency should be a goal. Don't necessarily look for it, let it come to you, but understand the amount of the blessing when you do have it. It doesn't come often, if at all. In a nutshell, work towards finding your happiness, joy and peace. Do this for YOU. Everything else and those on the same path and level as you will follow.

Onward & Upward.



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