Six Ways To Be A Kind Human

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It's June?! Really. I need time to just take some chill and settle down. It was JUST New Year's. Anyway, I think the world lacks a lot of things, but one thing that's really suffering is KINDNESS. It doesn't hurt to be kind to yourself and of course others. Let's try making June a month full of kindness! Here is an interesting article I read from Zim Ugochukwu of Travel Noire

Say Something Nice

Our society doesn’t tend to encourage large outpourings of emotion.

These two actions might feel a little awkward at first — but the flood of kindness they’ll create is more than worth a little initial discomfort. 

1) Encouragement.

Think of someone you know who’s going through a rough patch. It could be a professional issue, like a not-so-great job, or a brand new business that’s struggling.

Or maybe it’s personal, like a friend dealing with a serious health issue.

Or maybe someone you know is in crisis & is so consumed with the problem, that they’re mentally and emotionally fried.

They forget to love themselves up… so why don’t we show them how much they're loved?

Make a list of everything you admire about this person. Their temerity, their intelligence, their ability to stay grounded under pressure. Take them out for coffee, pray over them or let them talk it out — or, if they want a distraction, tell them funny stories. And at some point during the conversation, share your list with them. 

Look them straight in the eye and speak from the heart. Maybe even give them the list to keep. Prepare for tears.

2) Gratitude.

Who’s made a difference in your life? An old professor? A friend who helped you through your own rough patch? A significant other who’s always there for you? 

Sit down and write them a letter of gratitude. Get specific, until you can feel the gratitude pulsing through your veins.

For maximum effect, read the letter to them out loud, in person. 

If that’s not possible and you can send an email — do that. 

Extra credit: Challenge your person to do the same thing for someone in their life.

Do Something Nice

There are way more than 6 things you can do for other people! The list is really endless, so we tried to narrow it down to actions that directly spread kindness to another person. 

3) Little things. Pay for someone’s parking or coffee. Make a home-cooked meal for an overworked friend. Stick inspirational Post-It notes in public locations.

4) Big things. If you have the means, head to a neighborhood of lesser means and pay for people’s groceries. (Maybe a few of your friends can chip in).

Kindness isn’t always monetary, though! You could mow the neighbor’s lawn, for example, or offer to take your sister’s kids so she can have some time alone.

Be Someone Nice

This one’s a little less tangible, because it’s kind of based on opportunity — you can only stick up for someone when there’s someone to stick up for, you know?

There’s also overlap; anyone who does any of the things on this list is obviously being a nice person.

Think of this category as “being the change you want to see in the world.”

5) Stand Up for Someone Else. If you see someone being mistreated — at work, say, or during a travel experience — don’t stay silent; stick up for them. 

6) Volunteer. Donate your time and/or skills to any number of organizations who serve people in need. Women’s shelters. VA hospitals. After school programs. Big Brother / Big Sister. Even animal shelters count! Whatever you’re most passionate about, volunteering is a direct and powerful way to spread kindness in the world.

BONUS (for advanced kindness):

Think of a person who has wronged you in some way. It could be your micromanaging boss, or a difficult family member, or someone with opposite political & moral views.

Do some journaling about that person. What might be some reasons they act the way they do? What are some assumptions you’re making about them, and what are some other possibilities? 

Keep working until you feel a release. The goal is to find compassion and forgiveness for this person, even if you don’t agree with some of the things they do.

This exercise can be hard, especially if you’re really angry with this person. It helps to bring in a buddy to question your thoughts and conclusions.