New Website, Who Dis? - A HeyAlisha Revamp

Four years ago, I started the Hey Alisha blog. It started off as a traveling blog, then quickly became a blog about pop culture and politics. Although I love all of the above, it didn’t feel like me. 

Fast forward to 2018 & I love where the blog is today. All about curating culture in Miami. What an amazing city to live in? So many things to do, see, eat, etc. 

Living here most of my life, I’ve experienced so much and met so many amazing people. So why not center my site around the events, people, and the lifestyle of this Magic City? I also love to incorporate content on love & inspiration. So I did the thing. 

Check out the new site filled with my experiences and all things Miami! Looking for recommendations on what to do, restaurants, cultural events or even career opportunities in Miami? Check it out & SUBSCRIBE! 💃🏽 

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The next 25 subscribers will be receiving a prize! 🎁🎉 More amazing things to come. I’m excited! Thank you! 💕 

XO, Alisha 💜